Monday, March 12, 2007

In response to my alleged blog death

Yes, maybe, sort of, no, not sure...
I have stopped, or virtually stopped blogging, but I haven't given up on blogging. How perfectly contradictory. I have been formulating in my head a whole lot of things, and either self censoring if I felt they were thing I would prefer not to share, or aborting mid thought as I realize that I've talked myself into rant.

I try, I really try, to not just go off half cocked on something, but instead get some information, and maybe some links, or at the very least reason it out. Ranting without a conclusion is unsatisfying, and it's not constructive. I've decided to be constructive, so while I my resort to rhetoric or oratory, I will not do so without a clear conclusion that is supported by my reasoning.

As such, my blogging has gone right to pot, because what's opinionated blogging without a half formed opinion, and I really can only post so many pictures of my cat before people get disinterested, even if I think Loki is great :)

SO there you go a post that is virtually hypocritical, but I will try and do better. What can I say, old job filled me with more angst :P


Colin Peart said...

Nothing wrong with cat pictures... they are your furbabies, afterall!

Jennith said...

I should appologize... one because I've written little myself and two because I've never acheived the quality of blogs that you have owing to a scambled brain and lack of commitment to achieving that goal. That said... its nice read your stuff again. Welcome back... I need you to keep shaming me, so that I have motivation to write better stuff.