Friday, November 26, 2004

Touching is good

If you read my brother Colin's blog (the link is some where on the right hand list,) you will see that he blames me for making him buy a Nintendo DS. Now I didn't make him do anything, I just suggested that it might be an advantageous time to take a Gameboy Advanced SP and some games into an EB and trade them for credit towards a DS. Since you can play Advanced games on a DS, I figure one could keep your favorites, and trade the rest before the market falls out on Gameboy Advance SP's. I just thought it was a passing conversation of no consequence. Then he did it, and blames me! Apparently I have vast hypnotic powers :) I'm not taking offence, I just am amused that he chose the word blame, why not credit me for the foresight and economic thoughtfulness? It doesn't matter, because I have me to blame for doing the exact same thing. Once I heard he had done it (and at the time I didn't know he had actually put cash in) I was determined to also go and get a 'free DS' it wasn't really free, but I didn't pay any money for it. Which is good, because I am trying not to spend any money until after the house and wedding. So I rounded up my Gameboy, my games, the cases, wires, and manuals, plus a few crap XBox mouldy oldies that no one was playing. A few calls, and I found one of the last Nintendo DS's in town, and I was off. I had just enough trade value to get the DS, and boy is it fun. Right now I only have the demo game for it, but its wicked.
Now if you don't know what the DS is, then there is a good chance you either haven't paid attention to gaming news, or TV. It is the new Dual Screen portable console from Nintendo. A system Nintendo is pushing at the young males, as based upon these almost sexual ads Ad 1 and Ad 2. I am enjoying the system, I'm not 100% sure on the ergonomics of it, but I can't wait for DS Wars (or Advance Wars DS.) Anyway, at Union, more on this later.
TOUCH IT! You know you wanna!

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