Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Blog Attack

Well it has been a while since I have put any real content here. I have been pretty busy. First off I'm sure I missed a "runner log" in there. I'm sure I did something exhausting, and sweat worthy.
Now that we are past the mundane, I will talk about what is happening. First off, video games, Halo 2 fell off my list of games of interest for a couple reason. First off, I can't afford it. I could probably squeeze the money out somewhere, but I would rather put that money towards my house. The other reasons were that Halo 2 is getting its best reviews in the multiplayer aspects, and I don't really use my XBox Live to play, and the final reason is that I don't think it has lived up to the hype. As Fable, and millions of other games before have not lived up to the hype that they generated, I wasn't particularly surprised. When I saw Halo 2, I was just disappointed with it. Besides, Trevor has it so I can borrow it when he is done.
On the topic of Trevor, I was able to use my powers of evil, augmented by the game I will talk about in a moment, to convince him to upgrade his computer so he can play. It took some doing, he has been stalwart in his denial of the need to upgrade his old PIII 1.0, but I figured it just needed the right game to spur him on. That game was the monstrous 2.6gb beta for World of Warcraft. Now that is a game, just the sheer meat of the install alone makes one stop and ponder. I've been playing like I was a 17 year old since I downloaded the beta last week. So far I have done the Druid, and Dwarven Paladin thing, both of which have there pro's and con's. In general WoW brings to the genre a new story and a flashy new interface, but the concepts laid down in DAOC and EQ are basically the same. The notable change in the combat system, which I think I prefer, is that instead of Warriors burning stamina to perform moves, they use rage, rage generates while you are in combat, not while you resting. This actually gives a bonus to the warrior who keeps fighting, not the nambie pambie wussie warrior who has a good long sit between battles. Nambi Pambie spell casters must still sit mind you. On the topic of WoW and sitting, apparently the designers felt it was rude to stand and eat, so you must sit down if you want to eat a meal, or have a swig of something, go figure.
This weekend just past, Erin, Trevor, Ellie and myself all piled into the car to drive up to Kincardine. First off, Kincardine is a pretty long drive from Guelph, and it is also a long drive from Owen Sound, so when going from Guelph to Kincardine, don't drive through Owen Sound, its not on the way, trust me. So why were we in Kincardine? Well, its started, the first of my friends is now married. Rod Gramham and Sara Doyle tied the knot this weekend. Rod has been a good friend since about 3rd year University, I knew him pretty well in second year, but unlike Trevor I'm slow to adapt, so while we were friends in second year, adding that good modifier took a bit longer. I'm really happy for him. On the topic of weddings, I guess I'm next, this I view as a good thing, I can't imagine what could be nicer then marrying the woman I love. So, I think it is about six months give or take a week or two.
Finally the house, Erin and I popped in on the way home from Kincardine, but we didn't have the digital. So the pictures are on the film camera, and I will post them sometime, the truth is they will probably be horribly out of sequence when I do, but I have been collecting the pictures for a secret purpose. The state of the house was good, we have stairs, shingles, doors, windows, and the sump pump in the basement. Actually this is the first time I have been down in the basement since they built the walls. The whole place is looking good. The bricks were not there yet, nor have they made significant bricking progress next door, so I wonder if there was a delay, or if they just got ahead of themselves. I guess I will find out this Saturday. Well I think that's the whole update.


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