Friday, November 26, 2004

Runner's Log, X

Well, I have pretty much given up tracking this, not because I am not doing it, because I am doing it more frequently. Also I am doing it at the gym, not out of the street. Since the treadmill's have much better computers then the pedometer, I don't use it, but then I don't carry home the results with me. So I end up forgetting. I always roughly remember my last time out, just to compare against next time out. Right now, I am doing about a half an hour, with an average speed of about ~8.0 kph. My first goal is to get up to about ~10.0 kph. Well really I don't care how fast or slow I go, but the distance traveled. I would like to hit that magic 5 Km mark. My only problem is I am only allowed 30 minutes on the machines, so I have to do it in a half an hour. I feel this is a reasonable goal, and I expect (as long as Christmas holidays are not a massive set back) I should be there in January. I get out to the gym about twice a week, three times if I am lucky/doing good. So I am loosing some weight, and I can tell, but to reach my weight goals I think I need to make sure I go minimum three times a week. In either case, I am going to write about it fairly randomly, just because writing about it seems boring, unless I make some grand achievement. So you may not hear anything until I break 5 Km, we shall see.

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