Monday, November 22, 2004

7 Year Marketing Campaign, to Boldy Tottle Where No Tea Tottler has Tottled Before

I made an observation this week that the reason I drink the secondary caffeinated beverage I drink is because of a seven year subtle marketing campaign. I even describe it like he would "Tea, Earl Gray, Hot." Ah, Patrick Stewart, bard of the Avon, captain of the Enterprise, and dude with wicked cool mind powers, oh yeah and he played professor Exavier as well. I mean he was the most British French captain ever, but that never hurt his credibility, because lets face it, "THERE .... ARE .... FOUR .... LIGHTS!" So because of him, when I go for the tea, instead of the coffee, it is "Tea, Earl Gray, Hot." Besides, it is a damn good cup of tea!

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Colin said...

Ahh the wonders of tea! I discovered them (the wonders that is) needing caffeine to stay awake driving home from Will's farm -- it was the only source he had. I am for one a drinker of ISO standard tea (ISO 3103 - Tea -- Preparation of liquor for use in sensory tests) which requires one unit of tea (a tea bag) to be placed in a tea preparation unit (a pot) that has been pre warmed with hot water, followed by boiling water poured over the bag. To serve, a unit of milk is placed in the cup before the tea, and a unit of suger is added after.

You might enjoy Stash double-spiced chai tea, by the way -- Also best with milk and sugar.