Monday, November 22, 2004


Corporate reorganization can be a dirty word, from the management who get to stay it is a word of excitement and vision, from those cut it is reviled and hated. Regardless of definition, reorg is all anyone can talk about at work these days. I am not revealing a corporate secret here, it is well known by the media, starting almost 2 months ago when our CEO brought in some fresh blood, and the began to draw some as well. It is just on everyone's mind as it cascades down through the ranks. I think I am safe, actually I am almost certain I am as I am so far down the food chain, yet still valuable, that I should surely be ignored. Still we worry, we all worry, nothing is certain in life, and sometimes doors open as others close, I just don't think I am ready to close this door, there are still things I have to do. Unless there are any J2EE managers out there who want a skilled, yet wise, code ninja, with leet skillz. Although I think that leet skillz might have just disqualified me. Oh well, you have got to live life, otherwise your dead...

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