Monday, January 11, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Prebuild

Well I'm back again for a photo blog of the build of a somewhat epic Lego set.  This is mostly for my own amusement, but I have this avenue to share, so I will.

So for Christmas this year my lovely wife gave me the Death Star, which apparently is going out of production this year (for possible replacement with a  new Ultimate Collector Series version (UCS))  I apparently was talking about that just before the holidays, totally unaware of what she had got, and much to her consternation.

So without much ado, here begins my holiday project, the construction of the Death Star.

One epic sized box

Something for scale would have helped here, but the manual could hurt someone.

Inside the set was neatly broken down into sub-boxes, you know because each one has more parts than a normal Lego set.

There was also a Sith cat in the package, might just have been mine, not sure.

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