Monday, January 11, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 1.2

Lego Alderaan horrifying fate to become Lego Death Star
Box 1, Bag 2

As each section builds up its purpose becomes more clear, and some other brand cameos occur

Starting to look like a door at the back?

Hmmm okay, now I get it, this is the trash compactor, so the compactor monster needed to have a look at his new digs.  The wall swings freely.

Some cargo bay, with some sort of crane or elevator starting to form.

The bridge across this chasm just isn't getting built, its like you might need to find some other way across.  Also that is Anna's birthday cake from Frozen Fever, can you blame the Angel for wanting time lock some of that.

Second wall is in, garbage monster starting to feel at home.

Sliding door added at the back, it is probably magnetically sealed, supporting walls added to the outside.

Guns and a... a... a... turn table?

Detailing around the shaft, and more walls.  One of the nice things, is that even though symmetry in the wall builds came up from time to time, it wasn't like the Helicarrier where you did the same thing 4 times.

Red 1x1 stud is the pull handle for the garbage compactor door, what else this chamber is for is beyond me.  The next level supports are almost complete.

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