Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 3.5

Looks like I have my numbering sorted out
Sorted for assembly ease (I wish the book did a better job of colour coding, sometimes knowing if it was grey, grey, or black was harder to tell then you might imagine

Fire has spread to the upper levels
Looks like it started in the tractor beam generator

Walls begin to rise across the level

Cargo and lights in the landing bay

Control center for the hanger

Deluxe prison cell, with hatch to compactor

Sticker and carful scaling for great perspective/illusion on the size of the prison complex

Removable cell wall

Accoutrements of emperorhood, including raised dais and collapsable platform above bottomless pit.

Hanger bay blast door installed, with R2 unit access panel (it is also operable by blaster)

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