Monday, January 11, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 1.1

So where to start, I wasn't really sure how the boxes were going to break down, so I opened up the first, and saw it was sub-divided into 3 sets of bags.
Just a few bags

Box 1, Bag 1, or 1.1

Starting with the mini-figs makes my table feel like some sort of horrid accident occurred.

A whole cast of characters

Grand Mof Tarkin, so Storm Troopers and the Death Star Laser Operators

One of these must be the droid I was looking for

Han and Luke in Disguise (Shhh)

The Emperor, his posse, Vader, and Episode VI Luke.  For some reason Vader has an inanimate carbon rod (see the image of the group shot) I don't know why...

Episode VI Heroes

We start from the very bottom

Some cargo and some starting structure, the basic quadrant layout begins here, and the central shaft.

My workstation, taking up half the dinning room table.  The lazy-suzan made construction a lot easier.

First quadrant, minimal components to help give context as you go.

This made no sense as I build it, but the plates were needed much later for the the free movement of another piece.

Third Quadrant

This quadrant remains open

This symmetry of the odd deck plating.

Bars added to create ring to complete round appearance

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