Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Weekend of Blooooooooooooooooom

Not trying to sound ominous, but Weekend of Doo*m popped into my head while I penned the title, but doom was not really a great descriptor of this weekend, other then an indicator of magnitude or importance. So my gears ground a little until I came up with bloom, which is by far more accurate. Meandering narrative aside, let me discuss this weekend by means of a photo collage.

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So Friday began with a trip to Terra Nursery, where we spent too much, but its okay we got a great deal. Our big score is our four foot cedar, which I continue to inaccurately inform people that it is a five foot cedar. In spite of my metal failings, the tree remains of the cedar variety, and its actual height is variable based upon prevailing weather conditions, soil quality, and temporal position. At the time of this writing it is four feet, but it's a healthy and hearty four fee, and at five dollars a foot, it was a bargain, any way you measure it. In fact, in the measurement of our fair land, it is $0.16/cm.

Included in this purchase were some Begonias, Snapdragons, Crazy-Purple-Pink-Globe-Flowers (I am not sure what its IUPAC name, nor common name is, so this is the name I came up with (Erin has since informed me it is called Fuchsia,)) a strawberry (plant, not singular berry,) rosemary and a whole pile of dirt (in bag format.) Exhausted by our endeavors, we collapsed to a dinner of Pot Luck Leftovers, by all tallies, a successful Friday evening as had by all.

I must mention that Erin has been variably sick since she came back from Ottawa, which I haven't actually told you about yet, but Erin was in Ottawa, and now she is sick. When I say variably, I don't mean that she has a chronic illness of the week, but she has the flu of varying intensity, sadly she hasn't had enough time to give her body enough rest to recover. So when she awoke Saturday morning believing she was recovered, I worked her too hard in the garden, so she was wreck on Sunday. So she is on work hiatus until this situation is rectified.

Getting back to the time line, we awoke to a Saturday filled with gusto and gusts of wind. The weather was chillier then expected, but we took to our tasks with diligence. We began by planting our cedar, as you can see here:

The cedar planting process, for those less horticultural inclined, involves digging a hole that is at least as large as the current size of the tree. In actuality I'm coming to believe that the size of the whole should be at least as large as the size that you would eventually like the tree to be. So the whole I dug was somewhere between the two, but probably a lot closer to the current size of the tree as opposed to the hoped final size, but that is in part due to my unreasonable tree size hopes.

Whilst I dug holes Erin planted our hanging baskets, which 75% of the flowers mentioned above went in to. Unfortunately our eyes were bigger then our stomachs, where in this case stomach is a metaphor for hanging baskets. You can see that the baskets turned out great (and remarkably symmetrical):

Our hope is that the Snapdragons really fill in, as there isn't a flower that is even half as chatty as a big health Snapdragon, as you can see from our wedding photo.

At some point during my digging, and Erin's planting, we realized that my hole was larger then the amount of dirt we purchased, so Erin went back to Terra for more dirt, and plans to by one spike. A spike which I'm sure is more of a descriptive name then a meaningful plant name. Spikes are a tall pointy plant to put in the middle of a planter. A spike and dirt she went for, a spike, dirt, and more flowers she came back with. I suppose I should have been upset, but I really kind of expected it, and I wouldn't have sent her alone into a den of horticultural temptation.

The fruits of her trip turned out really nice as you can see here:

Now this was just the beginning of our day, because I continued to press my motivation and built a vegetable garden. I used mini-ties, also known as landscaping timbers to build this raised bed. It isn't my most beautiful creation, but the intention had been one of function, not creativity. I think it turned out quite well as you can see here:

And here with plants:

By the time this was all planted and finished it was actually Sunday, around noon, and I was onto other projects... The basement, the basement is going to be an ongoing topic as you saw earlier. Long before I can start framing the basement, I have a storage issue to address, and that is: where the heck am I going to store all our crap? So I have begun construction on shelving phase two, you may remember phase one from this winter. Phase two is much more complicated involving the sloped space under the stairs. You can see here my initial efforts:

That took up much of Sunday, and what still remains is the odd shaped part you can see here:

So you can see, a mighty task still awaits me. I've decided to buckle down and try and go full steam ahead and get this all done, until I do I'm going to have an awful construction mess, and unusable space. So May and early June are going to keep me busy, but when it is done the house is going to be even better!

Well that seems to be my blog time for this train trip. I actually have some great stuff generating, including all sorts of CAD drawings of my framing plans. Until Later


*Excluded for brevity is a non-terminating, non-repeating ooooo, for which this annotation** more then makes up.

** At the time of writing the annotation that this annotation is annotating the brevity of this entry may have been considered reasonable, at this time the brevity is laughable instead.

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