Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Census 2006 open for Linux Users

Erin and I received the 2006 Census form 2B, aka the BIG Census form, with all 65 hojillion questions. Erin was less enthused by this then myself, apparently I'm (self described) a civic responsibility junkie. :)

Anyways I've been having trouble standing up and being counted with the new online system, so I started trolling their updates and advisorys when I found this tid bit.

Good on them for allowing non-ie browsers, and non-windows OS's to work, when clearly their was no technical reason to block them out. I think the best comment was this:
"With the addition of this new operating system, the capacity of the Census Help Line operators to respond to technical calls from open source users may be limited. However, we expect this will not be a major obstacle for the vast majority of these users.

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