Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Basement Renovation - Plans

So I've mulled and I've measured, I've plotted and drafted, and I've come up with the following drawings, there are omissions, and I'm not going to do a lot of 'splaining, at least not now, I'd rather people look at them cold and ask questions. So here, unexplained, are some basement plans!

First up, an overview of the space:

This may be a little confusing, but the "unframed" walls are actually framed already by the builder, so I have treated them the same as the exterior walls. The ??? area is the part I am uncertain of because that wall has the electrical panel on it. I either want to wall from the stairs back (the annotated bulge) and put a closet there, or just do something like we did in Kevin's basement, which was just put a nice door in front of the electrical panel.

Next up is the South Wall (in this case left, because that is how I drew it)

Pretty straight forward, so is the North Wall:

Those big boxes at the top are windows, which I would like to keep clear.

Finally the West wall which will require some work to get around a drain pipe gracefully. What appears as a double wall at either end of this wall is a side view of the North and South Walls which I would like to build first.

So I'm pretty well planned... except the ceiling, but until I am finished the shelves I won't be starting, but I hopefully can get some friends looking at this and making comment (which I will turn off the requirement for a blogger id to comment.)

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