Thursday, May 18, 2006

Save the Internet

Save the Internet: Click here

Thanks to everyone's favourite ninja I looked into some of the net neutrality stuff. Unfortunately as a Canadian I know my opinion will be largely ignored by American Politicians, Advocates for this cause may gesture to the support of the world, but the vast majority will tell me to keep my nose out of it.

The truth is I do have a stake in this, weather I like it or not, since almost everything on the internet goes through American owned networks, networks funded with public money and tax cuts, networks that are paid for by end users, but content providers and content consumers. So where do the telecom's get off trying to double charge for the services they already provide, never mind the conflict of interest and monopoly issues that arise when the networks begin taking money from some content providers, but not their competitors.

So I may not be allowed to have a say, I'm going to have one anyways. So here is my support for the Save the Internet campaign, and a call to arms to Canadians to contact your MP and demand Canada create some proactive legislation to at least protect our own networks!

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