Thursday, February 16, 2006


I know this is old news for most of the intrawebnetosphere, but podcasts are great! Succinctly, a podcast is an audio (or video) program which is published to an RSS feed. (Really Simple Syndication.) All of this is just fancy for XML document that points to a file. What's great about it, is you have this homebrew radio/tv stream out there, and a lot of great content. There are a lot of great tools to make podcasting easy to consume, iTunes being the one I use. From iTunes I subscribe to an RSS feed, and it automatically downloads and syncs new episodes to my iPod. Pretty great.

Anyways, I'm not here to reveal the ancient mysteries of the intrawebnetosphere, you all know the fung shui of the http. I'm just here to complete my end of the podcast social contract. You see, pod casters, like bloggers, are exhibitionist. They like to be seen/heard. So as an enjoyer of their broadcasts, I am beholden to share the podcasts I partake in with the world, or at least my little slice of the sphere. So here are the ones I listen to, with direct links to the feed, the itunes link to the feed, and links to the home page, and maybe commentary. I will, on an on going basis update a new podcast section in the right hand nav. Of all the links in the nav, this is a link for you, not me, so enjoy!

This Week in Tech (TWIT)
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This is the UltraGeek(tm) podcast, featuring, well ultrageeks, talking about ultrageeky things.

CBC Quirks and Quarks
weebQuirks & Quarks Podcast feed
Host Bob McDonald waxes scientific with a host of guests from universities around Canada and the world.

They Might Be Giants
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This one is, well its TMBG, which by their very nature is weird, but I like it. The first episode is a must have for its stirring reprise of Triangle Man.

Barenaked Ladies
weebSubscribe via iTunesBNLBlog Podcast Feed
Technically, I just found out about this, so I am prognosticating is wonderment, I'll let you know how it works out. This is just further evidence to the bands internet preparedness I alluded to earlier

Tiki Bar TV
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JonnyJonny serves up Dr. Tiki's prescription for what ails you. Drunken foolery ensues. Technically I don't watch this on my iPod, but that is because mine doesn't do video. Still a must watch!

Well to steal a line from Leo Leporte from Twit, "another blog post is in the can." (apparently this does not mean the garbage...)

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