Friday, February 03, 2006

Ontario Library Association - Super Conference

Okay, Librarians, you guys have thesaurus, please come up with a better name then Super Conference, it is just plain boring!

As I was walking Through the MTCC this morning I was like "Hey a library conference, that's hip, I wonder what they think about the internet, blogs, pod casts, wiki and all these wild and crazy new information streams." Many of the sessions I walked past had interesting titles, until I got to this last one. It was so horrifyingly bland I had to flee in terror here it is in all its glory:


Kim Turner, Library Services, Imagine Canada; Deborah Woods, Deborah Woods Consulting; Brian Bell, Director, E-services, Oakville Public Library.

Explore the major features and functions of the unique 211 system (3-digit number assigned in 2001 by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for access to information on community, government and health services) based on 23 years of research and development by professional information and referral providers. Learn how it can assist in organizing complex databases of community services, the organizations that provide them, and the target populations for whom they are intended.

The horror, the horror!

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