Monday, February 13, 2006

Blog Blast February 13, 2006

Welcome to Blog Blast 02/2006, this semi-regular post style has been used in the past here, and here as a way to force myself to set a blogging agenda, and then fulfill it either in one train trip, or at least over a short period of time. So the agenda is as follows (note the links are broken until I actually fill them in.)

Now that I have given you a list of topics, I am bound by the social contact of the blog, to either deliver, or not deliver as I see fit! (insert evil laugh) Well I will quit wasting time talking about what I am going to blog and blog it!

ps If this all comes out deranged, and unreadable, it is because it is about 35 degrees on the train right now, and I'm melting, and seriously wondering how the people around me are still wearing their coats)

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