Thursday, February 16, 2006

Freaky - The human Chimera

Very interesting. A woman who has a single body formed from TWO distinct embryos - Thus has two different gene sets in her body!!!

From a sight whose name is here is something that is, well.... Damn Interesting! A women who is a Chimera, now the article points out, (things which my lovely wife has told me) that Chimera's do exist in the wild. This form of Chimera is just extremely rare, as organisms are more complex, this type is more likely to end in miss carriage. I think the best part of the story was how they discovered she was a chimera. Essentially her children were being genetically tested for a potential kidney donation, when one of her three daughters found out that she didn't share the same mother with her sisters. The mother on the other hand was distinctly sure of pregnancy and subsequent birth. One can only wonder the reaction if the genetically absentee parent was the father.

Damn... Interesting!

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