Tuesday, May 11, 2004

More from the JC

Okay, so now that I am good and blasphemous, JC is Jacqueline Carey. Her works are wonderful, maybe not for the young, or offendable, but wonderful none the less. I actually feel her work is better then Tolkien, and that is saying a lot from me. Anyways here are the three books she has in print

Kushiel's Dart
Kushiel's Chosen
Kushiel's Avatar

Hey it might just be, yes it is a trilogy. What is sad, yet refreshing is that she has committed that this set of characters story has ended, which I admire, since I feel too often now days authors start on these unending epics which can never be brought to a satisfying closure for the die hard fans, and tends to weaken early work. Its not that more couldn't be done, they are great characters, but mercifully she is going to leave them alone. Yet fear not, because she just announced (more or less recently, I don't check her site daily or even weekly,) a new book. Yeah! So below I have copied the synopsis from her site, sounds good to me, I eagerly await it. I encourage anyone to hit their library or book store and try the first one in the series. They are big, but they tantalizing your intellect, emotions, imagination, and intimacy.

Geoff Out!

Synopsis from her site:
Volume One of the Sundering
In the Seventh Age of the Sundered World, the world of Urulat lies uneasy under the shadow of Satoris Banewreaker, whom Men and Ellylon name the Sunderer. Wounded and defeated in the Shapers' War, banished by the Six Shapers who are his kindred, the Sunderer has raised a mighty army of Fjeltroll in his fortress of Darkhaven. At his side are the dreaded Three, his immortal generals. Together with the Sorceress of the East, they have conceived a plot to conquer the sundered world of Urulat and bring all of existence under their dominion

This is their storyƂ… and they're going to lose.

For a red star has risen over Urulat, and the time of the Prophecy has come. In the halls of the Rivenlost, the wizard Malthus studies the portents, and in the depths of the desert, a child is born with the mark of destiny emblazoned on his palms, unaware that the fate of the world will rest in his hands. A valiant company of travelers undertakes an impossible quest to retrieve the dagger Godslayer and destroy the Sunderer. As the forces of Darkhaven move to thwart their plans, events unfold to reveal the intricate linkage between triumph and tragedy, between good and evil.

The Sundering asks the question: Which is which?

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