Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Genetically Modified Crops

Organic, Shmorganic
Its all a load of bull, modern farming techniques, and I only loosely
call them modern have allowed man kind to overcome the theoretical
limits on population size, instead of over population, famine and war,
we have over population, and war. Although population is leveling in
out in most developed nations, and famine does exist in the third
world, but wait it doesn't have to... (I'll get back to this.) My
first point is the we have been GM'ing food for years, breeding
livestock for specialization, grafting and fertilizing plant lines to
get the best, GM just lets us do it in a few less steps, then along
comes a bunch of no nothings and want us to switch back to stone age
methods, maybe I should hunter gatherer myself some beef while I'm at
it. Organic food means lower crop yield, lower quality crop and more
waste, but what is worse, to make it appear like it is the same
quality crop, marginal crops are trashed increasing waste, and making
the poor starving people even more starving, fortunately I think the
avg. starving person is ignorant of that particular form of food
Then you take the starving third world nations, where crops could be
modified to thrive in marginal conditions, instead, we stop
development on them, as there is a fear that they are dangerous.
Anyways the most recent hit to the GM food industry was here
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3703791.stm where a major GM
company stopped/postponed research on GM wheat because of market push
back. I can understand them not wanting to waste money on the
project, I just think the market has its head screwed on backwards.