Monday, May 31, 2004

The infinite possibility of magic fairy powers

Should it occur that you find yourself trapped in a dungeon, in a less
then ogre form, with your stallion donkey, and your adorably deadly
cat, who has a passion for floppy hats and tall boots, whilst only
manacles, a cell door, and a castle wall armed with a milk frothier
stand between you and your lady love, fear not, because through the
improbable powers of magic, everything will work out.

How you ask? Well I won't spoil it for you, because I think Shrek 2
is a great movie, and worth the sticky floors, and uncomfortable
seats, even if you sit on the end of a row, where boneheads with big
feat tromp up and down past you stomping your feet each time they

Why on earth would anyone want to endure such a thing, what movie
could possibly entice me back to the sinister theater complex to be
gouged of my 14 dollars for a ticket, and 10 dollars for my death tub,
and sugar barrel (aka large popcorn with "topping" and ten gallon
pop?) Without going into a tirade about topping, and I assure you I
have a tirade stored up all about topping and the other fowl lies of
the theater industry (from an inside source,) I will tell you.

Shrek 2, lets you forget for a moment all the tripe that has been
pumped down the movie pipe line, and enjoy a well animated, well
written, well spoken show. Now it doesn't let you forget for too long
about the tripe, because it slips in all sorts of reference to pop
culture, in a twisted fun way, so you can't hope to not laugh at some
of it.

What it had that so many sequels don't is freshness. It wasn't the
same jokes completely rehashed like Austin Powers 2 and Three, Charles
Angels 2, and Beverly Hills Cop 2, 3. Just to pick on the principle
actors a bit, but in this case it was fresh. Now the moral was the
same, Beauty is skin deep, and thats a great moral anyways, especially
in this age of EXTREME Makeover, and The Swan. I mean what person
can't help but feel ashamed if you tell them the only way they can be
pretty is to go to extremes, or to liken them to the ugly duckling.
Except in the case of the Swan you have fifteen but ugly ducks and one
swan. Can you say early childhood onset eating disorders as popular
mainstream behaviour?

So I digress, the point being that Sherk 2, is fresh, funny, pokes
fun, (even a little at itself,) is appropriate and amusing for all
ages and shows a new level in detailed animation (not life like, but
that is intentional.)

So spend you $$$, support the movie industry, (don't buy the popcorn,)
and tell me one thing?

Do you know the muffin man?


Unknown said...

I wonder what comments look like

Anonymous said...

It's a subtle point, but buying popcorn doesn't support the movie industry per se. Theater franchises have movies pushed down on them at dictated costs and the theaters must charge a dictated ticket price.

Theaters do not recoup the cost of the film rentals from the admission money. To put it in engineer friendly terms:
(Asses in seats) X (Ticket price) < Film rental cost

The snack bar is what makes a theater franchise profitable. Popcorn and pop and licorice sales support the *theater*, which you need to do if you don't want to be condemned to watching LoTR or Shrek 2 on your 26" Sanyo. If you're seeing the movie, you're already supporting the evil industry...