Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Date

The DATE has been set!!!!

Saterday May 21, 2005.

After that, its a poo poo to all you other ladies as I will be married, actually you pretty much have less then a snowballs chance in hell with me now, becuase I am the happiest guy on earth, engaged to the most wonderful girl in the world. So its not like there was any chance, but May 21st will pretty much dash those clinging to some shed of hope. Sorry.

FYI people that is the long weekend up here in Canada, and sort of Erin and I's 6th aniversary, the official date has always been either the 28th, or the 21st, so I think we will take the 21st as official, just for sentimentality of it :)

Woot I'm getting hitched!!!!

peace out!

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