Monday, September 05, 2011

Subfloor Construction Day 1

Got the subfloor rolling today, literally as it comes off the roll pretty fast.  Following that I got the first sheet of plywood down, had a little bit of trouble getting the Ramset tool working properly.  After that I got the second full roll going.  I had Bryan help me get it smooth, and then I set about trimming it to fit around the odd bits of foundation and pipe.  That wasn't so bad, its worst character is actually kneeling on it hurts, but it is tough and durable seeming, but cuts when and where I want it to.  I will lay down a little more plywood before the day is through.
Like I said, just rolls out.

Tools of the trade

First sheet of OSB went down okay, I secured it (so far) with three fasteners.  The first one when shallow, the second went to the right depth and the third when through.

Unionized Labour laying down on the job.

Barrier cuts easy for the hard areas.

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