Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Raising the Garden

Been working on some garden beds for our veggies this year, wanted to try something a little different, a little more instant construction.  So I'm going with the Lee Valley Raised Bed kit which uses pre-cast concrete instead of wood to form the bed sides.  What I didn't realize is pre cast concrete slabs weight 90 pounds a pop. So I'm exhausted from just hauling them into the yard.

Here are half the stones, and the limestone I need for the base
The first of the frames assembled with the
brackets installed.

I've put together the first frame in the garage, and I will do the second tomorrow, I used cedar instead of pressure treated because I wanted the to not worry about the chemicals leaching into the veggies.  Hopefully I can't get everything put together on Friday as I have a few cubic yards of soil coming to fill the bed.  I just have to remember no planting until May.

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