Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cortland planted

What an amazing day, it started out grey and blah, so we all slept in a bit.  To try and do something today instead of just putter around inside we would head out to Terra and just walk around the garden centre and enjoy all the indoor planters that they have blooming at this time of year.

We decided while we were there that we would, mostly to show bryan growing things, but maybe if we are lucky actually be successful, we would get some seeds and seed trays and grow our veggies from seed.

On a lark we visited the tree's, and I finally found my coveted Cortland apple tree, so one van full of apple tree, soil, seeds, planting tray and misc later we were on our way home (much later then we hoped.)

After feeding and chasing all the kids to bed, I looked out side to start some hole digging for my tree expecting some chilly rain, when I found out that the chill morning had been replaced by the balm practically summer day.  I had my sweater off before I even started digging, and before long I had a big jug of water, and my Tilly to keep me from getting sun stroke.

By the time Bryan was up and ready to help me plant my tree (he was very explicit on the point of tears that he was going to help daddy, (he was also very tired from a late late nap)) I had dug the hole, prepped my tomato bed, prepped my shade bed, erin seeded the grass, got my tree stakes in, reinforced the tree stakes on last years new trees, and generally got my garden in order.

Bryan and I got my cortland planted, with much mud and ado, then set about planting our seeds.  I think I may have accidentally planted lettuce on my cucumbers while I wasn't looking and Bryan's planting style is kind of scatter shot.

This is our first go at plants from seeds, so we will see how it turns out.

Anyways, busy, beautiful sunny day here in Miltonia, parents and kids are now zonked

>blogged from bed :)<

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