Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heart and Stroke Ride For Heart

For the fifth year in a row my wife and I will be riding in the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart raising funds to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  This cause has always been particularly close to my heart (if you will excuse the pun) my family has been touched the technologies and therapies made possible through research dollars donated through the Heart and Stoke Foundation.  From the pace maker that keeps my grandfather moving at the spry young age of 89, or the heart valve surgery my brother had before he was one year old.  These are just two of the many examples within my own family, and when I think on it, I can come up with a dozen more amongst my close friends, and colleagues over the years.
This is why my wife and I ride, and why I'm asking each of you to consider the importance of heart health, even if just reading this reminds you to watch out for your own, if you can donate, it would mean a lot to me.  The donation link
Thanks for your time and consideration, I promise not to abuse the broadcast address again (this year.)  You can  find the donation link in the footer of any email from me, or right here:
For those still reading at this point I'm going to put my money where my mouth is with this special offer, from anyone who donates $50 dollars or more to my wife or I, I (or a suitably neutral party) will draw a random donor who will take home a pair of Leaf's tickets for next season (Upper bowl, in the curve, second row, aisle seats.)

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