Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Home Improvements

So these only scratch the surface of the work that has been done around here in the last week or two.  I don't know what came over us, but we really have gotten a bug and got some stuff done.  So a lot of the art is out of the boxes and now on the walls not leaning against it.  The sod is going down, okay that is Mattamy not us, but we are watering, and one day mowing it.  The biggest job was the kitchen we have hung all the vertical door pulls.  I still need to do the horizontal ones, but there are less of those.  In the both cases I had to modify the jig to get the job done, and I just ran out of time.  We also (thanks to erin's mom) have curtains in the kitchen, dinning room, and master bedroom, we also have a rail hung in the living room for a set Erin's mom is working on.  So lots of little changes just making the house look done.  So a lot we I'm not  showing in this handful of pictures, I guess you will just have to visit to see the rest.

You can see where the lawn ends, the rest should come this week, but it looks good.

Not only with door pulls, clean :)

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