Monday, December 06, 2010


I meant to post this a while ago, it was early in the fall and we were
getting our two apple trees home. It was an ... interesting drive to
say the least, longest 10 km ever. It's a good thing I found this
because I am rather pissed off at the car today. I took it in for oil
and tire change, even had a coupon. By the time i was done the 80
dollars worth of work was magically 800, breaks, alignment, filters,
usual car crap. I was underwhelmed by my check out experience, but
the first kicker was the lack of apparent change on the before and
after report for the alignment, please don't lie to customers about
work needing to be done, but the real kicker the real f-u moment was
when I got home, went to take the all seasons out of the trunk and
found the snows still in the trunk, grrrrrrrrrr. Milton Hyundai is
officially not touching that car again.

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