Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Online Sci-fi Book Club

So I've never book clubbed before, but I heard this being pimped on Buzz Out Loud and had to follow it up. First off it is being run by Tom Merrit and Veronica Bellmont, two of the three people I first heard when I started listening to Buzz Out Loud. Veronica has since wandered over to her own daily video show on Mahalo, but they are sticking together for this book club thing. The thing that drew me in, at least to start, was the name, Sword And Laser! That is just wicked, so I cruised the site, and it looks like a good book club thing, and maybe I will try it out, and maybe I won't, but I thought I would share for any book club folks out there of the Sci-fi persuasion. At the very least it's always nice to see a list of books that people whose opinions and tastes I respect that I haven't read before.

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