Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big project on the go


So I'm busy at work with a lot of knitting these days, back to my projects after a busy pre-christmas knitting frenzy. I'm glad the slippers received such a warm welcome in the west, so warm that I may need to knit another pair or three out east.

So what I have "on my needles" is two things, the first, and probably permanent project, are socks, I'm always knitting socks, they are like the fall back pattern. When not knitting socks I am going to be working on my sheep afgahan from the Knit Simple magazine, the pattern is described as follows:

MARY KNIT A LITTLE LAMB Curl up and count away under a sepia-toned afghan of grazing sheep and lazing sheepdogs.
It is a really portable project as you can carry one square at a time. I'm done about 5-6 panels, if I'm lucky I can have them all finished by mid-march I think. I will start taking pictures of them as I go, but here is the promo pic from the magazine (found somewhere on the interwebosphere.)
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