Thursday, July 05, 2007

July 5th, in Rome

Hey All, just a quick note here as I've left the official journal back in the apartment. We have arrived in Rome on the 5th, and after some chaos at the train station, and a bunch of cabs who wouldn't give us a lift, we managed to get to our apartment. The place is nice, little dank, but nice. We are looking for clothes detergent as I accidentally packed, and then proceeded to haul, fabric softener...

Anyways my lack of brain's aside, we are going to wander a little bit of Rome today, and maybe see the Castle that was in Angel's and Demon's, a great work of fiction.

We missed out on using the internet in Naples because the alley we had to go down was filled with gun toting murder's mugging the knife wielding maniac's so we avoided the alley and carried on.

If we have a chance I will come by here with my canned journal posts tommorow, and maybe some digital pictures as well.



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