Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Greatest Living American Ignored (Expcept Probably by Penn Jilllet who no longer has a radio show that jerk)

Aside from internet scuttlebutt that Penn may be returning to the radio waves, this post is dedicated to my mutual outrage with the author of the linked author. Norman Borlaug kicks some serious ass, in a feeding the impoverished third world kind of way. They say he has saved the lives of over a billion people, some of those numbers are very real lives save from starvation, and others are a little more tenuous, but probably accurate, lives saved from warfare. For in the path of his warhorse of high yield grain, he also sows peace and prosperity. Apparently we all really just want something to eat (much as implied by that Mars commercial with the execution of the king and all those peasants. (Sorry installing software and waxing moronic.)

So the point is Norman Borlaug received the Congressional Gold Medal, America's highest civilian award, and no one gave a shit. (If the Gregg Easterbrook is accurate, a dog getting hit by a bike was more important.) Wake the hell up people, even if you fail to recognize the man, recognize his achievements, he just doesn't have time to be his own media spokesperson, he is too busy SAVING BILLIONS OF LIVES!

Thanks you, that is all.

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