Monday, July 30, 2007

Black Tube Redux

For those faithful viewers who recall the dark days of yore or the joyful days that followed. We are sadly back to where we started, the TV is once more broken.

I imagine the problem, at least superficially, is the same. I imagine once more the fuse has gone. The true problem, as I'm sure you have concluded, is something more insidious and fatal, something deeper within the machine that is surging on some regular basis and blowing the fuse.

Short of a small fuse pile placed in proximity to the TV I will once more investigate an on site repair. I also am somewhat fearful of just keeping the fuses flowing, as I imagine a time in which the fuse does not prevent the surge from traveling beyond the confines of the TV and wounding other peripheral, and healthy equipment.

In the mean time, I know there to be a plethora of TV's in various states of repair to call upon. I just don't look forward to the eventually task of raising the corpse of the TV from the basement, its freaking heavy (which may have inadvertently lead to its premature demise.)

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