Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welcome new members of the Araskian Brand,

Araska.org would like to welcome two new sites under its banner, the news sites are actually off brand and will not be sporting that dashingly handsome URL Araska.org but have there own equally interesting URLs. The first in our happy web family is www.erinwestman.com this site will be hosting the e-resume of the lovely and talented Erin Westman. The second site is www.jwwestman.com which will be hosting the professional site of J. W. Westman Inc. The first site is developed and designed by the aforementioned Erin Westman, and the later is from the toolbox of yours truly. I'm beginning to think, on comparing the two, that my toolbox is filled with rusty widgets, and ill fitting sprockets, because Erin's looks sharp.

So everyone please give these new sites a warm welcome, and please pad there hit counters.


Rick said...

Hi, not sure if you noticed but your links for erinwestman and jwwestman under "Welcome new members of the Araskian Brand" posting don't work. I think it's because you accidently added araska.org in front of their urls.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rick, I will check them out. Blogger has emotional issues about links, and if don't do them with my head cocked at a 7 degree angle with my tongue out, then it randomly adds araska.org.