Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cable Cars

So I started this morning like many mornings this week, breakfast and sessions, but the sessions were not getting into my thick skull, and breakfast was the same thing I have had for 5 days. I was exhausted, and my brain was drained. So I bailed on the last session, as there wasn't anything in that time slot that was remotely interesting. So I headed out on my excellent adventures.

First stop, the Hyde Street cable car. This is actually something I would say everyone in San Fran should do at least once, its just like the canals of Venice, you just have to, and its fun. So the stop was just around the corner from my hotel, and thankfully it was one of the terminus's. If you don't get on at a terminus of the route, you don't get on. Even then there was a pretty big line up. While I waited I shot a bunch of picks:

What is neat about these things, is that the system has been in place (and largely unchanged) for about 130 years. So when the cable cars come to the either end, they actually have to be manually rotated on the turn table.

Now I didn't ride the cars all the way to the end, instead I hoped off on Lombard, Lombard being the most twisted road in the world. So here I said good bye to the cable car, and hello to the rest of my journey.

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