Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Jeeze, my number one reason I haven't been blogging, is probably the number one thing I should be blogging about. Thats the freaking basement!!! Erin and I have been up to are eyeballs in work down there. Since I got back from San Fran I made a commitment to finish before Christmas, and I am making that deadline, come hell, high water, or lack of sleep and a sore back.

So the first thing we did, was admit we were in trouble. My leet spackling skills were in fact not leet. The walls remained an unfinished mess of mud, tape and looming effort. So I cracked, I dialed around, and spun threads out on the 'internets' seeking experts and mad skillz. I ended up hiring someone from the Hawthorne Villager Forums, where I loiter regularly. He did a great job, for a great price, in no time and my basement problems went from insurmountable to achievable.

Soldiering on from the mildly emasculating hiring of a contractor we moved into the safe territory of paint. We started with the realitivly non-controversial white flat ceiling, warm white baseboard trim, and wall primer, shocking rebeleous I know. Moving to the walls now that was a different story.

Shirking the time honoured myths of painting, we brought in our interior decorator, who thankfully works for the low low price of good company, and some fresh berries for her cute daughter. I'm speaking of my friend Rod, his colour co-ordinated wife Sara, and the now one year old Gabriella. So with Sara's help we had the courage to go with a COLOUR, which I different like this because its a tint with some chutzpa.

Painting is in full force, and my goal is actually to finish the second coat of paint tonight. I may only get halfway there, but we shall see. I will get some pictures up, because so much has changed since the last pictured post.

Post wall completion I have some trim and door work to do, but it is really second to cleanup, because we are flooring Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to that, because the place will look done at that point, although trim will need to be nailed up, but thats just icing on a 6 month to bake cake.

Lots of thanks to everyone who helped us get here.


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