Tuesday, October 31, 2006

San Fran Man

Well another day has gone by and I have had some interesting observations, the first one is that there is still a significant disparity between the number of men and the number of women in the tech industry. This is most evident in absence of a line up for the women's washroom, and the unprecedented line up for the men's.

Today's sessions were varied, I think tomorrow I'm going to change my course of attack and focus on sessions with less nebulous titles, I hope it will yield more practical results.

As tourism, well I was more or less stuck in the hotel, which as you can see here has a nice globe thing in its lobby. I think the globe is styled after some Spanish map circa 17-0-old, but it was atheistic none the less.

We managed to gather all the people from my company (7 in total,) as well as one of our two IBM sales reps (although the other is here,) and an honorary member of our team on contract from IBM, and headed out for dinner. Our "cab" came in the black stretched variety, but I ask, what better way is there for 9 people to travel to dinner? As you can see I humbly enjoyed the transport.

Dinner was courtesy of a recommendation from Gord back at the office; we ate at "The Stinking Rose" which is possibly the only restaurant you will find that not only has menu hieroglyphics for "vegetarian" but also for "vampire friendly." The restaurant specializes in garlic cuisine, which I indulged in most thoroughly.

After dinner we took our chariot back to the hotel, and that is where you find me now, a little drained, a little smelly (of garlic,) a lot tired, and strangely ignoring that state to bring you this report.

Well that's all for today, catch me tomorrow same bat time, same bat channel.

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