Sunday, October 01, 2006

The content of my post

Well, now that I'm a little bit recovered, and my PC is up and running, I will type what I typed once before, and then lost.

I want to say thanks to Rod, Trevor, Chris, Brad, Gabe and Kevin for working there butts off this Saturday. We really got a lot more accomplished then any one may have anticipated. Gabe pretty much single handily solved the jigsaw puzzle of the ceiling, Chris and Trevor were work horses, Kevin took care of all the taping and corners, Brad filled in all the strange pieces, and Rod did a lot of everything. I had a great start, but as it turns out all it takes to throw me off my game is a door.

As you can see from this poorly focused image, me and my fast-fit door had a disagreement. I don't think I one, but the door certainly lost. I will try and fix this when my rage subsides.

So from the last post you can see we really got a lot done, other then doors there is only one wall that needs work (that's by the electrical cabinet) and then just a handful of little bits of drywall here and there.

After that, of course there is a few weeks of mudding/sanding a head of us, can't be helped, but at least this is stuff Eri and I can tackle at our own pace.

Other then the work crews, a big thanks go out to Erin and her parents, they kept us all well fed, and watered. They have also provided the sufficient oooing and aweing at our achievement to encourage us on, so thanks a lot!

Once more thanks to all hands, and I hope to have you over for a little party once this basement is finished (although I don't promise you won't all be invited back for a little flooring party before then.


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