Monday, October 16, 2006

CN Tower Stair Climb for United Way

Greetings all, once again I am foolish enough to scale the CN Tower for United Way. This year I have done a poor job of fund raising, mostly because I have been distracted with the drywall dust that many of you have helped to generate in my basement.

So here I am at the wire asking for your help and donations to make scaling this tower at least some what rational.

Some of you will recall my efforts of previous years documented here: and
Well I can assure you that this year will be equally vertically challenging and once more I will bring my camera with me to photo document the occasion, hopefully I will even post the images this year!

Last year I raised well over my goal of $200 and I would hope to break that again, so I offer up this to my potential sponsors. If you help me break this goal, next Sunday morning, after I limp home, I will leave a phone beside my bed, and each one of you may call me and wake me up from my exhausted slumber to make the stair climb all the more gruelling, I think that's a fair deal?

So please everyone if you can spare a few dollars for a good organization, please do, and I will make the climb!

Geoffrey Peart

You have been invited to sponsor
Geoffrey Peart who is participating in The Enbridge CN Tower Climb for United Way.

The money raised for the Climb will help support United Way's network of over 200 health and social service agencies, and help make Toronto a better city for us all.

Secure online donations can be made with VISA or MasterCard. A non-alterable electronic tax receipt will be sent to you via email.

Please click here to make your donation:

If you would like to participate in The Enbridge CN Tower Climb for United Way, you can register online at

If you have any questions please contact Melanie Clancy, Event Coordinator at United Way at 416-777-1444 ext. 382.

Thank you. Without you, there would be no way.

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