Friday, August 06, 2004

Lucky Loonie

Woot! A new coin for my collection, and it only cost me a dollar, okay, it cost two, but that's because I bought two. In honour of the 2002 Winter Olympics where a strategically placed loonie (for you non-Canadians a Loonie is the common or slang name for the $1 Canadian Coin.) For those unfamiliar with those particularly Olympics, the ice in the Hockey arena was prepared and tended by a famous Canadian ice maker, apparently it is practically an art form. In the process of making the perfect ice for Olympic hockey, are Loyal Canadian reached into his pocket pulled out a Loonie and buried it at centre ice for good luck. As it should happen, that Loonie did bring luck, in the form of dual champion Women and Men's gold medal hockey teams. When all was said and done that Loonie was removed from centre ice, and delivered to Hockey Hall of Fame to be enshrined with its mystical powers OOoooo Ahhhhh. As the Athens games are rapidly approaching, the Canadian mint has decided to try and bring a little luck to the whole Canadian team. So they minted a special Loonie for common circulation displaying its name sake, the loon, and above the loon sits the Olympic rings, and above that the Canadian Olympic logo (a maple leaf with a torch centred over top of it.) So you can get your own lucky loonie from the Royal Bank of Canada (my employer) or you can order an uncirculated Loonie from the mint. For more info checkout the official site.

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