Friday, August 06, 2004

The day before...

So it was the day before the wedding, and I was getting nervous. As mentioned before I have been having a public speaking block. Fortunately, I have been working on my speech for a while, and I composed it during my '12 hour flight.' In spite of that I was worrying, so I kept myself distracted helping with preparations, we spent the morning with the soon to be married couple cutting vegetables, and making salad (Erin invented a violent but effective way to rip the core out of the iceberg lettuce, and she enjoyed herself doing it.) Then it was on to dips and chicken Souvlaki. So we worked away the day getting things ready, and then off to a family bbq for dinner. That was nice too, we had some decent take out Italian, and all the family, we chatted we taught my cousin's Alec and Ian how to play poker, I'm sure Aunt Beth will be thrilled with that. :) Then we went to the rehearsal, where the Officicant threatened Colin that when he gave him the word to kiss Christina, that he had better do it right and proper and not some namby-pamby peck you give your mom, or else he would have to do it again. After that we retired to Chris's mom's house, and did small things, mostly my mom made the icing for the CAKE oooooo ahhhh. Colin passed out from exhaustion, and then Erin and I got a lift back out to Jean's (the lady we were staying with, again she was asleep when we got there, it was pretty late I don't blame her, at the time I remember feeling very very guilty living in this persons house who I had never met.)

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