Friday, February 20, 2015

Lego S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier – Bag 3 – Gears

Not the most interesting looking part of the build, but the hard working part, so here is the contents of bag 3:

Mostly it just builds up and reinforces the hull, a lot of vertical Technique pieces locking the horizontal pieces in place.  It gives the main piece a lot of resistance to torsional forces, and flex, so I'm hoping that when complete it will be resilient to play. 

Probably the first "wierd" build, this curved piece is clipped on in a way that severe breakage would be the only way to remove it without disassembly, but it ends up inverted to the rest of the studs.  Curious if that will get reversed back as we go.

Front view of the same piece:

The real cool part of this bag was the mechanicals for the turbines, they are built to all turn together, either by crank or motor.  The nice part about this set is that the Lego Power Function parts are optional, but integrated into the build intelligently.  The yellow plate on that central gear casing is the motor mount, and the light grey area in front is the battery box mount.  You can see the main axle of the drive crank coming in, and then distributing to the side axles, then out to the 4 mount points for turbines.

If it works I will upload a video of the crank moving the gears.

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