Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lego Build - S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier - Bag 1 ... Fight

I assumed that the general family photo stream wouldn't want to see me build Lego, but I'm enjoying this build and want to get the most out of it.  I seem to buy myself on large Lego kit every year or so, and this years is the biggest yet.

So as we open the extreamly large book (8.5x11, and 450ish pages):

Dumping out bag 1 (there are a seeming random number of number bags, in the case of bag 1 there are actually 4 bag 1's.)

The first part of the build is a display stand for minifigures, no one to stand on it yet, but soon:

And while we are building stands, lets build one for the main build itself, for the other sets of done the stand came last, but in this case I suspect that the stand will be a convenient place to hold the boat while I build it:

Tonight on to bag 2.


Chris Bardon said...

Nice-I thought about getting this one, but no space for it, and not starting yet another theme. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together, and what the overall stability of the model is when built. Enjoy-these things always do stuff with lego that you'd never think of yourself.

Unknown said...

Damn this post broke as well, I will have to update it as well as post three.

So far nothing new in terms of techniques, but they did some great stuff with the Technique elements.