Friday, January 21, 2011

You Know it is a Bad Sign When...

You can't recognize your car.

So it literally pains me to type this, but that's because my left hand is really sore, last night on the way home from the Go Station I got into an accident. All people seem to be okay, but the Sonata is pretty much a write off, which brings me to our first picture:
Without the grill, bumper, or licence, I actually walked past the car twice...
Anyways, its just not a good week for Geoff, I seem to have bruised both my knees, and my seat belt has left my chest a little sore, but the worst for ware is old lefty who finds general movement uncomfortable. I'm going to go see a Dr, but I'm 90% sure it is just inflammation and pulled muscles.

The interior is all weird, the dash board is pushed forward and the gear box is popped up, and the bumper is in the passenger seat (okay that last one was put there after the fact.)
I think that is a knee shape on the left side, which corresponds with my knee bruise
Point of the story is baaaa, and I'm ok, and was alone in car, so all is as well as it can be.

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