Friday, January 28, 2011


Insurance is settled, at least for the car, still dealing with injury and incidentals.  Got a good price for the Sonata, so we put a little bit extra into the Caravan.  So now we are getting a Dodge Grand Caravan SE Plus (oooo) with Stow and Go Bench and Captains Chairs.

With RBC settled on the old car we were able to actually finalize the paperwork on the van, so we are picking it up Monday.  Its shiny silver, it was my last choice, but it was what was on hand so we got it.  The trick it seems was the blue tooth.  If we hadn't wanted the built in system they had it in red or blue, but we've had enough hassle with the BlueAnt thing never being charged, or the clip missing... So now we will just have it built in and done with.

So yeah, not excited about a van, just can't get excited about a van, but glad enough to have the cargo space, and it says right in the brochure that it can hold a 4x8, and when I finish the basement I plan to test that.

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