Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Floors and Fixtures

Lots and lots has changed just in one day, starting on the outside they did some work over the garage, so hopefully that means the rest of the exterior is coming soon (it just stalled a few weeks ago and I would like to see it done.)  Inside they installed the hardwood... all of it... one day... POW!  They also have wired all the fixtures (okay I didn't check the valiance lighting under the cabs, but the rest, done, one day POW!  They also did all the plumbing fixtures except the kitchen, one day, POW.  So interesting notes, compact florescent in all the fixtures, the bathroom lighting fixtures are all  much nicer then the light bars we currently have, and there is saw dust every where :)

Above the garage

Living Room

Upstairs Hall

Dinning Room


Bryan's Bathroom with fixtures

Light in Bryan's Bathroom (note CF Bulbs in all fixtures.)

Our bathroom with Fixtures

His/Her Lights

Soaker tub fixtures

Water heater added

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Anonymous said...

I really love the wood you chose.