Sunday, April 18, 2010

Railings Installed

The rest of our stairs arrived, including the ones to the basement, and all the fancy end caps on the stair treads.  They have also installed all the interior railings as well.  We took my parents over with B, and did the grand tour.  With the rails up I'm restricted to only worrying about what B might try and pick up, and the odd bit of construction debris.  He ran like a hooligan up and down the halls saying "More, More, More," and when asked which room he would like, he keeps choosing the master bedroom.  We will work on that.

I spent a little bit of time in the afternoon adding some screws to the floorboards, just to keep the squeaks down to a minimum.  Realized too late that a stud finder would be helpful with such operations.  I put a lot down, but I would like to put some more.  Going to go back later for that.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures, more as they come.

Main Stairs

Front Entrance Way

Greatroom and Upper Floor

Rail from greatroom to foyer

Rail from Dinning Room to Greatroom

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