Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Agent

Well I'm to, to, to something to directly call everyone, and I'm sure I will talk to you all within minutes of you reading this, so I will get the nasty details out of the way, and you can always call me and say hey. So I was laid off today from my company today. It really sucks, but what you going to do. The blow has been softened with a reasonable package, and well, some time off :)

It looks like I will have the time to be around after the baby was born, and will probably target to get back to work early August, but really nothing is decided, I'm just trying to get my head around it. I knew when I left the bank that this was a risk, and our CEO did give a nebulous presentation recently that implied things weren't rosy and here is the repercussions.

Upset, sure, but almost more that I won't see the completion of the current project, then anything. I was really into it, and now poof. Well that is the news, I don't have any more details then that yet.



Jennith said...

Life is craziness... sorry to hear things didn't work out. :S

Jim Provost said...

Sorry to hear that, Geoff.

Anonymous said...

Eech! I am sorry to hear that -- it sucks to be sure. Life does that to you sometimes -- queue up monty python, and all the best to come to you soon.