Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Biking Report

Beeeeep beepdp beep beeeeep beepdp beeeeep

This just in...

Biked in this morning, this time I didn't get lost,  in my 56.4 km journey.  Nice max of 52.3 km/h, and an average of 25.8 km/h.  Met some stopped to help one guy with a flat, but he was okay, but my stopping synced me up with another rider, I think he said his name was John.  We chatted about random junk, but it was nice to talk to someone, especially since my iPod was out of music (long NDA related story.)

My bike is now past 500 km, go bike!  I think it needs a tune up, I've shaken it down a fair bit.  Riding home will be... interesting :)


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