Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from Virgina

Hey all, we are back from a fabulous weekend in Virgina, We had an amazing weekend with Fred and Beth and the kids. I have to say that Virginians are a little bit wussy about their weather, with about an iota of freezing rain they canceled school on Friday, and while I'm secretly (well clearly not so secretly) laughing at their reaction, it was fun to have an extra day with the kids. I will say some more once I grab the images off my camera, but overall it was a great trip!

Catching up on the the pictures from last week, for the record, here is the snow pile on our driveway, it hurts my back just thinking about it, but there it is in all its glory. Thanks to a slowing in the fall, and some rain the pile has actually diminished, and I will say I was grateful to come home to a car that wasn't covered in snow.

Here is the aforementioned half-'birthday' ice cream cake, the cake decorator was affronted that we had him only writing 1/2 on the cake, insisting that in spite of its small size, he was able to write nearly anything. We were left explaining what 1/2 meant, and he politely offered that we enjoy what ever celebration we want to celebrate, he was rather nice about it.

This one is one of the new curtains in the nursery, Erin's mom did an amazing job on these making sure that the pair are identical in the fabric pattern repeat. You can also see the wall colour, and new boarder. I will give a slight caution, I've been having a really tough time taking pictures in there, it is either too bright or too dark because of the sun, and it makes some colours look off. This. to my recollection, looks pretty accurate, but I can't be 100% sure.

Here is the really neat matching rocking chair cushion, Erin's mom continues to out do herself, we took this before the back cushion could be finished, because we couldn't wait to see how it looked and show everyone how neat the room is looking.

Well that is all of the images from last week, I will start on this weeks images tonight, I hope.

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